So what is the Home Energy Rebate Option? and How can I qualify?


Louisiana Department of Natural Resources administers the Home Energy Rebate Option or "HERO" program using Energy Raters. But this program is limited to Louisiana.


The information you'll find at is dated. The description of the HERO program is pretty good, that is, as it was a few years ago. Most of what you read at this site is correct. But you should NOT rely upon this information. The only authoritative source which is completely up-to-date is at the Dept of Natural Resources site just above this paragraph.

Who can qualify?

Rebates are not provided tax free.

To encourage the most energy efficient of homes, the HERO programs provides guidelines to help the homeowner direct the contractors that do the work. We like to think of them as incentives to do the right thing. If you make sure these things are done, you are likely to get a bigger rebate, and conversely, if you don't check these things you'll probably get a smaller rebate. However, for each such deficiency your rebate can decrease by as much as 8.3% !!

What kinds of improvements are eligible for a rebate? Although anything you do to make your new or existing home have a lower energy bill CAN help you get a bigger rebate, some improvements are given more importance when calculating your rebate. Here are many details you may want to know to help get you the biggest rebate.

Ok... I'm convinced! What should I do first? Here are the starting instructions.

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